Saturday, October 18, 2008

Website of Chagani Koteswara rao garu

A very nice website on Chaganti Koteswara Rao garu is available at

The efforts by the administrators of this website is really great. They hosted many pravachanams of Chaganti Koteswarao Rao garu.


ratna said...

excellent discourses -even ordinary person can understand his pravachanams- A GREAT HIGHLY TALENTED PERSON-ALL TELUGU SPEAKING PEOPLPE SHOULD FEEL PROUD OF HIM

TSV said...

Lord Shiva gifted his malodi voice to Sriman Chaganti Koteswar Rao. I feel he is nothing but Eswaramsha. I understood through his delibrations that If one's heart is clean, and not to forget lord Eswar in each and every movement, pray whole heartedly to get kaivalyam, Lord Eswar will take care of all other things. It is also noted that we should not keep more attachment on any thing except Lord Eswara.